Ligas 29/06/05

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» The Pitt News - One man's brave retelling of encounter with undead, celebrities "I mean, when you've got the idea 'Watch this video and it'll kill you' and nothing else, that's not enough. There are no underlying socio-political messages. There's no allegory." / film horror zombies

» Wired News: The Empire's New Digs Technology may soon spell doom for the big blockbuster, predicted the king of blockbusters himself -- George Lucas. / georgelucas film

» MikWright - greetings that provoke my summer vacation was fun. we went to the washington monument. my sister got cramps. my brother lost his retainer. mom cried a lot. dad took us to an orphanage. / wtf? greetings

» 2046 - A FILM BY WONG KAR WAI Picking up where In the Mood for Love left off, 2046 is a visually seductive reverie of memory and regret, refracted through a serial womanizer's experience with six women. / wkw film

» go-go-boots.com The qualifier "go-go" generally refers to dancing and my broad definition of "go-go boots" is any pair of boots that could be mistaken for go-go boots when worn on the dance-floor of a swinging '60s or groovy '70s nightclub. / women fetish sex

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