Linkeason 1/07/05

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» Next: Spielberg's Biggest Gamble That night in Malta, Mr. Spielberg quietly began filming the most politically charged project he has yet attempted: the tale of a secret Mossad hit squad ordered to assassinate Palestinian terrorists after the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olym / film / spielberg / middleeast

» Stella - Bench Beware of the beer that turns you into an ostrich. Budgen channels Murnau and early Buñuel for Stella. / video / beer / advertising

» NEWSARAMA - LOOKING AT SIX PAGES OF LOVELESS #1 Set during the Reconstruction, Loveless stars husband and wife, Wes and Ruth Carter, as two…well, as Azzarello gave the soundbyte version, “Bonnie and Clyde on horseback.” / comics / westerns

» Umezu Kazuo: kyôfu gekijô Series comprised of a half-dozen hour-long movies based on manga by Kazuo Umezu. / film / horror / japan / manga

» Estructura de las empresas Japonesas Las empresas japonesas realmente cuidan a sus empleados, y los empleados aman a sus empresas porque ellas constituyen toda su vida. / japan / corporate

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