Buena noticia del dia

Grady Hendrix entrevistó a Tony Leung y esta es una de las cosas que dijo:
Me and Kar-wai will do another movie next year. A kung fu movie about the master of Bruce Lee. I will start training after this promotional trip.

I think we want to do something different. These 10 years time I think we are doing the same movie: we start from DAYS OF BEING WILD to 2046, we are somehow doing the same thing. One time we talked on the set and said we should do something different, at least for the audience. They want something different from us. So why not a kung fu movie? We never did a kung fu movie before. A pure kung fu movie, especially one set in the 60's, could be very popular.
Ye Wen fue el maestro de Bruce Lee. Aquí hay una pequeña biografía suya.

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