Schwarzencharren y los 'cazailegales'

De SFGate.com:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, just a week after apologizing for suggesting California should "close the borders,'' warmly praised the Minutemen project -- an armed citizens group -- on Thursday for doing a terrific job of stopping illegal immigration from Mexico.

"Our federal government is not doing their job," Schwarzenegger said. "It's a shame that the private citizen has to go in there and start patrolling our borders."

Schwarzenegger, who more than 25 years ago immigrated to the United States as an aspiring bodybuilder from Austria, last week kicked off a controversy when he told newspaper publishers in San Francisco that California needed to close the borders to control illegal immigration. After he was severely criticized, the governor apologized and said he meant government needed to do more to secure the borders.

Federal officials "owe it to the people to secure the borders ... they're not doing their job. They're leaving it way open, anyone can walk across,'' he said. "It's not just the problem of immigrants. It's also a problem that any terrorists can come in."

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