Trainspotting, 20 años después

Hablando de Ewan McGregor en Salon, Boyle soltó este pedacito de información:

And there is a plan, a very long-term plan, to do a sequel to "Trainspotting." It's not an easy, cash-in sequel. It's to try and take those characters and look at them when they're about 40, when they're losing their hair and they've got all these decisions facing them about what they've done with their lives. But we don't want to shoot it until those guys really look like their best years are behind them. I think it will take another 10 years still before they're sufficiently middle age. I want to look at these guys who've abused themselves so much and how they deal with the crisis of getting old.
Suena bien. Eso sí, supongo que tendrá poco o nada que ver con Porno, el libro en el que Welsh recuperó a los personajes de Trainspotting. Tendremos que esperar.

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